German clubs after the night storm (Photo Gallery)

Probably you´ve stayed plenty of times till the closing of your favorite club. The music goes down, the lights are switched on, and you can see the drunk faces around you easier than before. The bouncers start clearing the dance floor and it´s time to go home, or somewhere else…

Giesermann André and Daniel Schulz, two university students from Hamburg decided to take some photos of this mythical moment when the euphoria had left the room and a all the party heads leave the venue.

The result is an almost apocalyptic wasteland of broken glass, empty cigarette packets, and a whole bunch of surprising items.

These photos are a couple of years old, but since we weren´t here, we thought you might like them. Check out the gallery below!

EGC11 EGC10 EGC9 EGC8 EGC7 EGC6 EGC5 EGC4 EGC3 EGC2 EGC1-e1334048588354

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