MHYH – But i Must Feel Like You EP by Neonized Records

MHYH (My Heart is Your Heart) is a german music producer from Leipzig. During some years, Sebastian has been producing beautiful house and pop music perfect for the most lightful and smart dancefloors.

Now, we are proud to share with you this ‘But I Must Feel Like You’, a definitely smart and dancey track. ‘But I Must Feel Like You’ is coming with a new excellent remix from the one and only OHYEAHmusic. Neonized’s favourite comes back with a soft and synthy remix mixing house, some funk and with an awesome bass turning your brain on. Together in the pack you can find a remix from Delizeews and Bonnlion, two producers and from Valencia. They give us the chance to take BIMFLY to Ibiza clubs this summer.

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