Sankeys London Opening

Does anyone remember Sankeys in Manchester?
If you live in England, probably you do, it was only closed a few months ago! Well it seems that the Sankeys brand will be re-opening in England but instead of Manchester, the photo released strongly suggests a move to the capital. This has been met with a astounding amount of “sell out”, “Sankeys is NORTHERN” comments amongst others of similar ilk. Of course there a number of good comments as well (far and few in between), but this does seem to have rubbed many people up the wrong way, maybe it was just a bit too soon?


Either way you look at it we are glad that Sankeys are returning to England. It was a big loss when they close their Manchester´s venue. So how can this news be anything but good? Well we will just have to wait and see if this new club will be able to live up to everyone’s great memories of Sankeys Manchester.

Here it is a live mix form last February ´13 at Sankeys Manchester. Almost two hours from the performance of Darius Syrossian with an exquisite selection.

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