The historical cinema Jerusalem is reborn as an electronic club.

The center of Valencia will join in the coming weeks a new space for music and ludic offer under the name of Jerusalem Club, located in the octogenarian and rationalist style building in which the Jerusalem cinema was erected.

This new opening is scheduled for mid-December, and it seeks to activate the leisure in the area between Plaza de España and the train station. It aims to be a point of reference for electronic music, an exhibition place for emerging artists, and also a place for creative events.

The local, which is distributed in two floors, will start by gathering some of the most significant electronic festivals that have taken place in different locations of the city.

The schedule of Jerusalem Club will accommodate Djs, experimental collectives, musicians and artists, with the aim of opening a range of artistic possibilities of Valencia. A different commitment to new cultural proposals.

Jerusalem Club will pay tribute to the cinephile past of the place, which still preserves its façade of art deco decoration, through the design and image. Scenes of legendary films will be launching every week the shout of action.

We can´t wait to see that, and hopefully, The Basement can be part of it. Anyway, we´ll be there to tell you about it. Good luck guys. It looks pretty good!

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