Your Best Accommodation Options for Dias de Campo 2019

Here at theBasement, we are already preparing for the arrival of the third edition of Dias De Campo, to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect for all of theBasement boogy-ers. After several meetings with the Visit Montanejos team, we have reached an agreement with the Tourism Foundation of Montanejos, making available an abundance of hotels, apartments and even a few villas, creating that ever-unique experience infusing music and the natural beauty that these mountains have to offer.

If reserving from the accommodation options that we have offered below, mention that the reason for your stay is for thBasement’s Dias de Campo and they will be sure to offer you a second-to-none camping experience, for you and all of your friends to bear the fruits from.

Despite our offering of accommodation, please don’t hesitate to have a look yourself as we don’t have all potential accommodation fully-updated as slots tend to change regularly.

Make sure you call the below establishments! They will better-cater for your needs if you explain to them that you are attending Dias de Campo festival.

1. Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares 

2. Hotel Xauen                              

3. Apartamentos Campuebla     

4. Casa Palacio               

5. Hotel Gil                                    

6. Casa Rural La Plaza                 

7. Albergue el Refugio                

8. Inmobiliaria alto Mijares     

9. Hotel La Valenciana            

10. Camping La Granja

See you beautiful people in the mystical forests the Montanejos has to offer on the weekeend of the 17th, 18th and 19th of May!

If you are yet to buy tickets to this countryside get-away



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