Barcelona based Oriol Mubu makes his debut in Nervous Recordings with My Roots EP

Don’t let the title of this release fool you, because this EP is all about quality. The latest from Nervous Recordings comes signed by Barcelona based producer Oriol Mubu. A two-track EP that has more character than many four-track EP touching the market nowadays.

Everyone’s attention will be on “Heist 101.” Deep and dubby, it’s little more than a solid bassline combined with powerful synths and occasional heavily treated inspired by the old-school house tracks. It’s easy imagine it melting the dance floor!

You won’t have any trouble playing the more conventional “Afternoon Snack”. This is a straight-up late night banger, with growling basslines and jacking drums. A great release for the Spanish House books!

This means a milestone for Oriol Mubu, who previously released music in theBasement Discos alongside Unfulano. From theBasement Crew we wish nothing but the best for this release!

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