Bearoid – Sleep EP * Free Download

Sleeping has been Bearoid’s obsession and his fear for a year. We sleep a third of our lives and it is as necessary to survive as eating or protecting ourselves from bad weather. Because of the noise of the street and his anxiety every time it was harder for him to sleep, and not sleeping increased his anxiety. He used to go to bed with fear, and that made him trying to sleep even harder, creating an endless circle that he could finally manage to get out, although he still doesn’t know how.


For a year, He’s been living in a semi-conscious state where the world of dreams and the real world would mix up from time to time. His fears were more pronounced and had a human face, his wishes painted with shapes and colours the daily moments.


The four songs of the EP are related to four recurrent themes in the dreams and nightmares he had during the day: the distance, the journey, the encounter and the memory.

Dani Belenguer is Bearoid, a young talent born in Barcelona that makes his debut with this EP filled with deep feelings and touching vocals. And the best of all, it is availbable for free download.

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