Beats X TheBasement @ Workether

Last 15th of March took place our very first TheBasement live act. We choose a date with a very important meaning for Valencia, just about to start Fallas, one of the biggest celebrations in the city. The smell of gun powder on the streets, the lights, the crowds of people in every single corner of the city… it´s something that you can only see in Fallas.

We arranged this live act next to the Beats Foundation crew, and with the collaboration of Workether, one of the first co-working spaces established in town. With no budget at all, we told Budweiser and Red Bull to give us away some drinks, we invited SWGNTS, Phat & Zkinny, and Dinosaur Jack, we borrowed a nice pair of Technics and a Logitech webcam…. and voilà. We did it. Our first episode of this adventure, and it was a massive success.

Thanks to everyone supporting the good music!

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Check out the live video from SWGNTS´s set and the highlights with some of the footage that Hector Nillo got, thanks to the camera man.



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