In loving memory of a beautiful voice taken from us too soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Whitney’s family and friends and the millions of people that have been touched by her legendary talent. Many of us grew up with Whitney’s music and we are sure each one of us has that one special song that holds a wonderful memory. Thank you Whitney for the memories. It’s been two years since you left and still remember you like if you were here with us.


A few days ago, Bonnlion & Whatever had the honour of producing a remix for one of Whitney Houston’s biggest hits: I’m Every Woman! This track has been remixed by these two guys with an uplifting UK house remix released and given away in a Free Download format. You can get it here!

Check out Bonnlion & Whatever’s tribute remix to remember the diva. One of the best voices we’ve ever heard. The track hands down a great dance version of the original. It would be a shame for this to not be heard by all!

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