Chapter Two Edits: the new FREE DOWNLOAD theBasement’s release by Whatever Charles.

A good friend of edits since a few years back, homeboy Valencian Dj and producer Whatever Charles latest delivery instils the love for African culture and its heritage, and he does it giving away four dancefloor-ready tracks for free.

Charles’ prolific remixing and editing skills have touched four African infused tracks – with his signature flare shaping Whatever’s sound.

Opening the four-track release is Don’t Stop The Music, interweaving a gloriously groovy bassline with energetic vocals to produce a prolific dance-floor bomb. Up next, Whatever Charles keeps digging into African archives a little deeper, trying his hand at three other edits with powerful percussions resulting in a super-solid free download release.

It all began in Africa, and here it’s proof why we should pay tribute.

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