theBasement Discos welcomes the incredible talent of the up and coming young producer ‘Hotel Avra’. Here he introduces his sound to theBasement audience, with 4 perfectly crafted deep space voyages, creating sounds that puncture through the stratosphere with their epic drum broken beats patterns, mesmerizing melodies and space age pads. This is a perfect introduction to his music for you all, and theBasement Discos will be welcoming him back soon with more expertly crafted journeys.

The CINEMA EP comes with a remix rework from the young UK-based producer Tom Jamey, that gives the original Asomatous track a totally new, delicate atmosphere. A dive into the deep, full of beautiful build-ups and breaks, going beyond the boundaries of musical genres and time.

Show some love to our fourth digital release on Soundcloud or buy it on bandcamp.

Artwork by Lydia Monterde

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