Dj Rashad found dead at 35

No sooner than the music scene seemed to be coming to terms with the untimely passing of house music pioneer Frankie Knuckles than it has been dealt another huge blow with the tragic death of footwork innovator DJ Rashad Harden.

A sad day for electronic music, not long ago we heard news that footwork pioneer DJ Rashad had unveiled plans to release a new collaborative studio album ‘WTF’ last March with the full length effort from the Chicago producer in conjunction with Teklife producers MoonDoctoR and FreshtillDef. A man who had so much more to give.

Rumours are currently moving around the internet regarding the nature of his passing at just 35 with several outlets reporting the cause of death to be a drug overdose. The Chicago police department are conducting an investigation into his death after a friend found Harden’s body in an apartment.

DJ Rashad gone but not forgotten.


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