Eli & Fur with Shadow Child ‘Seeing Is Believing’

Rising London production duo Eli & Fur join forces with UK producer and Rinse FM DJ, Shadow Child, to release their astonishing single ‘Seeing Is Believing’ on Defected together with brand new remixes from Davidian and Manik.

The original mix for ‘Seeing Is Believing’ opens with an abyssal synth and vocal void, which explodes into a bass bobbing dance floor frenzy. Taking full advantage of Eli & Fur’s seductive vocals, Davidian reinterprets the track adding his own arsenal of rolling bass punches, hi hats and percussive clicks. Things then get very interesting with the addition of skipping synth chords and dispersing array of arpeggios. Adding a melancholic tone with pitched down vocals sections, Manik pushes the limits of the original with his mix of hard-hitting bass and enchanting, almost tropical percussive melodies.

‘Seeing Is Believing’ will be out 11th August 2014 on Defected Records.

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