Italian DJs & producers duo Supernova seems determined to explore the boundaries of house and they are not afraid of experimenting with different sounds on their different record labels (Lapsus Music, Downtown Underground and Blackboard Recordings). Any Supernova production is sure to demand your attention, making their sound one of Europe’s most unique and exciting ones. Their last release “My Vision EP” on 8bit is one to look at, so here we are, having a chat with them in order to know them a bit deeper.

What we would first like to know is where? Where did the Supernova project get started?

We started in Florence in 2003 when we released our first album Afterbeach. We are both born in Florence and at that time Emiliano was living in Florence while Giacomo in Milano. We recorded the album in Milan’s studio, but we celebrate the release with many live set in Florence.

How do you remember your very first steps in the industry?

Well, the release of the album Afterbeach was a great moment for us as we put a lot of effort, ideas and passion in that record and was quite happy that one of the track of the album, the cool remake we did of “Save a Prayer2” from Duran Duran was played by all the major radio stations in Italy while another track was included into a compilation by Giorgio Armani.

Is there someone that taught you your studio skills when you were younger?

No we have learned everything with the experience, perseverance, hard work and a lot of passion for the music.

Talking about the studio. What piece of rare gear are you still looking for?

It’s full of great things out there that we would love to have, but something that we always think we should get is a hardwire outboard compressor and EQ. But the good ones are crazy expensive…

When working on new stuff in the studio, do you start out with a certain predetermined idea, or do you just improvise?

Sometimes we start from a groove that we like, sometimes we work around an acappella or a sample and sometimes we have an idea in mind, like a direction or a mood we want to go.

What influences did your home country Italy have on the music you now make?

Italy has always been great place for the club culture and we had the chance to enjoy some of the best house and techno parties in the 90’s.

You’ve been playing all over the world for some time now. What’s your favourite place to play, when considering the different crowds and locations?

We are playing a lot in South America lately and there the crowd is really hot every time. We also love playing home at our new event called Visionair in Florence. Last but not least we enjoy each time we play for elRow and lately we loved The Jungle Experience in Koh Phangan.

What Italian club should everybody visit at least once?

Italy is full of great clubs, we would suggest some of the best we have played for : Visionair @ Kauffman Klub (Florence), Tenax (Florence), Amnesia (Milan), Phi Beach (Baja Sardinia), Dok Show (Bologna).
Thanks a lot guys, hope you have a great confinement time, and this new EP goes great.
Time to enjoy the piece! A solid two-track EP with a pretty old school vibe, including the features of UK singer Medusa. An outstanding banger that the dancefloor will appreciate!

Stream or buy it on any major platform here.

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