Jackmaster´s BBC essential mix and track-by-track breakdown

Numbers co-founder and former Radio 1 resident, Jackmaster dropped his first ever Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 at the weekend. Journeying through two hours of classic house and techno, as well as forthcoming new music from the likes of Seth Troxler and Numbers stalwart Doc Daneeka, Jack has compiled a mix that showcases not only an intricate knowledge of dance music heritage, but sheer ingenuity behind the decks.
Jackmaster´s recipe for the mix is simple: 117 minutes, 34 tracks, two Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus units, one Technics 1210, one Allen & Heath DB2 mixer and 10 cans of Tennents Lager. The result? One of the most amazing Essential Mixes we’d heard in a while. You could already assume that Jackmaster would bring the beauty, but this set really took things to a new realm of possibility. He did us one better, though: we got a press release that had him breaking down why he threw each tune in the mix.
Here is what he said:
Chip E & Joe Smooth – Time To Jack Intro (No Label)

I sampled this from an old documentary Channel 4 made on house music about 10 hears ago. It’s called Pump Up The Volume and it’s on youtube. You should definitely check it out especially since House is “so hot right now!!!” and the film is a belter

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – Phobos (Synthapella) (Systematic)

I’ve been starting 99.99% of all of my sets with this one for the last few months. Creates such a hype and makes me feel like Tiesto for 6 or so minutes. If they’re too impatient and leave the room before the crescendo then we don’t want them in there anyway do we.

Batongo – Aguirre (Fango Remix) (Degustibus)

This has been getting the biggest reaction out of any tracks i’ve been playing since I found it. This Fango guy deserves to be huge. He came out of nowhere for me when Joy Orbison was playing his stuff at Numbers in the Sub Club so thanks Joy. This one reminds me of the golden era of UK Funky, but better. If that’s possible.

Armand Van Helden – Work me Goddamit (Remix) (Henry Street Music)

Classic 90s AVH. Those drums do some damage. The original is more popular I think but for me the Remix takes it. For radio purposes and because I’m vain I had to remove a truly horrid curse word from the middle section and put a wee Jackmaster drop in it’s place.

DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central, Part I (Deep Into The Bowel Of House) (MCDE Bassline Dub) (Mule Musiq)

I was quite late on this one. Not sure if it was a huge tune when it came out or if it was overplayed or whatever but i don’t really care cause it’s amazing and that’s why it’s in there.

Tracey Goat – Untitled (White Label)

No comment.

Tyree – Hatchett (Real Estate)

Tyree Cooper sampling Whitney Houston? Aye I’ll have that thank you very much.

Moodymann – Untitled (KDJ)

This was re-released as “The Third Track” a few years ago. This is the original version from the B side of the “Don’t Be Misled” 12” which is a bit easier to mix, and longer I think. KDJ at his best.

Track Assassin – Gimme Da Drumz (Catalyst)

This is DJ Sneak under another guise. Artwork gave me this one when we did a wee tune trade. Tribal club destroyer and won’t be leaving the bag for a while.

Henrik Schwarz – Robert And Dornroosje (White Label)

Wee cheeky Henrik Schwarz bootleg that was on the flip of Dixon’s Thom Yorke remix. Think it’s a rework of Robert Hood with some other stuff on the top. I think Schwarz is a genius, and i don’t say that often.

Seth Troxler – CZ2 (White Label)

Brand new from the boy. With no disrespect I was actually surprised how good this is. Love it. Thank you Seth for allowing me to include it.

Frankey & Sandrino – Save (Innervisions)

I heard Dixon play this all summer at DC10 and Unknown festival but never knew what it was and it always blew us to smitherines. I actually got sent the promo after this mix was finished but i loved it so much i went back in and re-recorded it so i could include it. 7am trance melter. Just came out this week so go buy it.

Matias Aguayo – I Was In Love (Comeme)

About 5 years ago when I was still working full time doing distribution at Rubadub a Chilean chap called Matias Aguayo approached me with a few track and his vision for a new label. I loved the music and immediately said I was interested but I kinda slept on it after that and didn’t pester him enough to nail the deal. In the meantime Kompakt obviously did their job properly and added the label to their roster. It’s one of my biggest regrets from those days of selling vinyl as it’s now one of my favourite labels.

The Revenge – Los Angles (White Label)

Unreleased damage from the Revenge. Darker than his usual stuff with a mean bassline that really reminds me of one of my favourite ever producers – the legendary Lory D of Roma.

Butch & Virginia – Mass Appeal (The Revenge Edit) (White Label)

The Revenge does a lot of really good, cheeky edits for club use. I don’t think I’ve even heard the original but this edit works really well. The really long break in the middle and drop (obviously) is what I love most about it.

Doc Daneeka – Treptow (Numbers)

This will be the follow up to “Walk On In” by Doc on Numbers. 120bpm-ish with a catchy piano hook in it means it has Jackmaster written all over it.

Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Need This (White Label)

My mate Jonjo put me onto this one after sticking on Tom Trago’s Boiler Room ADE set one morning. I think we must have listened to it at least 8 times over and over. The wee Chaka Khan bit at the end kills me.

Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flugel – Ikizukuri (Delicacies)

This one just came out this week too so go buy buy buy. The file I was sent was originally called “No Flange”. I suggested they should re-name it to “Ecto Face Melter” but rudely, they completely ignored my advice.

Smith N Hack – Footstomping Smoker (Smith N Hack)

This comes off a double LP by Smith N Hack aka Errorsmith & Soundstream. I think it’s all Hamilton Bohannon samples or something. The whole record was pretty big with the Numbers crew. I’m sure I’ve heard Twitch from Optimo play this particular one as well.

Ron Hardy – Sensation Edit (White Label)

This is Obi Blanche’s edit of a truly impossible-to-mix Ron Hardy tune. I edited it down even more as it goes on a bit. No offence Obi, mate. Originally appeared on Erol Alkan’s last mix CD I think. Consider it officially stolen, Erol.

Legowelt – Thing Called Love Dub (Permamnent Vacation)

This originally came out with a full vocal which I wasn’t so keen on but I loved the backing track. I asked a mate to ask Legowelt if he could make me a dub for me but we didn’t get a response, then one came out a few months later. Not sure if that means I can take credit for Permanent Vacation releasing this version, but what is for sure is that Mr. Wolfers onbiously has better manners than Simian Mobile Disco!

Route 94 – Sun Into Light (White Label)

Skream sent me this after i heard him drop it at BPM in Mexico. No idea when it will be coming out or whatever. You could probably tweet Route94 and ask him.

Model 500 – The Chase (Express mix) (Metroplex)

The first ever proper Techno tune I acquired. Gifted to me by the staff at Rubadub on my last day of work experience. Had to go in my Essential mix for that reason alone.

Artwork – Let Go Of The Acid (Demo Version) (Numbers)

Artwork is another genius and he deserves to be selling out venues all over the world not just as `magnetic Man. I’m really really proud to be releasing some of his music on our label.

Alexander Robotnick – Undicidisco (Justin Vandervolgen Edit (Hell Yeah)

My mate Tom Grainger from Leeds put me onto this one. He puts me onto a lot of tunes actually. Future disco madness.

Dennis Ferrer – Red Room (Objektivity)

An oldie but a goodie. Slow to Speak dropped this at the Sub Club at Krystal Klear’s new Labour Of Love party he threw a few weeks back and it blew the roof off.

Mr. G – Potent (Contemporary Scarecrow)

Mr. G is one of the most under-rated producers out there. Pretty much everything he puts out is 100% dynamite and this one is no different.

Lucretio – Want (Warm Sounds)

Think this is one of the boys from Analogue Cops. Again, 120bpm-ish and has a piano in it so. Distorted like hell cause that’s what they do isn’t it.

Daft Punk – Indo Silver Club (Soma)

These guys got me into dance music almost single / double handedly. This is one if the best things they’ve ever done in my opinion. They had more bollocks before they turned into robots and actually used to make some bangers. There’s an alternative Techno mix of it on Soma out there somewhere on vinyl that’s worth checking out too.

Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant (Mute)

Muscle and hate. Puts hairs on your chest this one.

Dave Clarke – Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted (Icrunch)

Forgot about this tune for so many years. Think Spencer showed me this one when he taught me how to DJ. Very groovy Techno with the best vocal samples.

Format – Solid Session (ESP)

The best thing that Orlando Voorn has ever done in my opinion. Maybe a tie with Fix – Flash actually.

Bicep – You (Aus)

I think this will go down as one of my favourite electronic tunes ever. It’s the perfect set ender, so what did I go and do? put another track after it. Good one Jack.

DJ Deer – Unnatural (Numbers)

Another new Numbers release by the mysterious DJ Deer, a very prolific German producer working under a pseudonym for us.

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