Jean Tonique joins forces with Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue and Jaques Renault

The independent record label based in Brooklyn, Toucan Sounds, keeps pushing on their mission to create a hub for indie disco and house music through events, releases, and mixtapes. The label is curated by french horn rebellion and operated out of youtoocanwoo, an artist-owned music and production studio in Williamsburg.

Now they are back on track with a combination of magic that will keep you dancing like a maniac, thanks to a mesmerizing remix by maestro Jaques Renault.

About Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue is the solo project from Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn of Ghost Beach. With a funky, tongue-in-cheek vibe, the project explores themes of vice, ego and heartbreak through tragic characters who can’t help but get in their own way.  Over the last year he has emerged as a key voice in Nu Disco and Indie Dance, doing collaborations with Yuksek, Purple Disco Machine and Babert. He also performs as the bassist in the rock group, Des Rocs, who in the last year has exploded online, with over a million monthly Spotify listeners, opening for The Rolling Stones, Muse, and more in Europe and the US.

About Jean Tonique

Drawing influences from 70s funk, Jean Tonique makes an effort to distance himself from genre-defining elements while approaching his music from an organic and raw songwriting perspective. Using elements from hip hop, house, and 70s/80s funk, the multifaceted producer likes to draw people in with the malleable dynamics of his music. One of the “9 Artists Keeping Disco Fresh” according to Paste Magazine, he has worked with the biggest names in that scene, including Yuksek (as part of his Partyfine imprint),  Dmitri from Paris, Polo & Pan, and more.

Here is the gem you were waiting for, thanks to the remix of Jaques Renault

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