Los Angeles born Never Dull will star in next release with theBasement Discos

Los Angeles born, Tijuana bred Alberto de Santiago, a DJ, producer and songwriter more commonly known by his alias Never Dull, has only been on the scene for about two years but has already released tracks for prominent labels like Feedasoul, Dansu Discs and Hopera Records.

It wasn’t until late 2017 that young Alberto stepped into the limelight, and with his two self-released tracks Really Think about it and What is Jazz? prompting immense interest from a bounty of independent labels around the world, the only way is up for this young dude.

2018 saw a great first half for after Never Dull signed with Chicago’s label Large Music with his single United, Under One Roof going on to be an underground electronic anthem in both America and Europe, reaching #60 of Traxsource’s Top 200 Deep House tracks of 2018, which just goes to show the potential that this Tijuanan-bred DJ holds for the future.

One of Never Dull’s latest endeavours titled Cool Jazz Boogy brings together what seems like sensual Spanish vocals with an array of slow-moving relaxed synths partnered with the benign plucking of guitar strings – which makes for lovely listening may we add. As soothing and relaxing as this track can be, one can’t deny the desire to stand up and get ‘boogie[ing]’.

Despite seeming like a career in its nascence, the maturity of the sound of the music is rife, and if one wasn’t aware of how long this dude has been on the scene, the thought of him producing tracks for two years would seem inconceivable. With the Saxyness, the below song reaching over 240 thousand hits on youtube, and all his videos surpassing one million views easily, this young man already has quite the following.

Here’s Never Dull’s latest addition to his disography, released just last month and posted by our favourite channel Gazzz696….It’s awesome.

Keep an eye out for this release, we’ll be posting about it on social media so all you beautiful people can hear it.

Check out his facebook here to keep up to date with his latest releases, or his own website to follow his track www.neverdullmusic.com 

theBasement team.

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