New EP by Melbourne producer Cassettes For Kids

One of our Australian favourite artists right now, predicted as “Australia’s electronic breakthrough artist of 2019” by Finding Figaro, Melbourne-based producer Cassettes for Kids is living up to the hype with his latest release ‘Now You’re In My Dreams’, a two track EP infusing elements of acid and garage house. The title track ‘Dreams’ features a sample handpicked from a 1970s blues track. Being the longest song he’s ever released, ‘Dreams’ was inspired by the early stages of a relationship, when the other person is the centre of your world.

Cassettes For Kids has a number of shows under his belt such as Pitch Music and Arts, Lost Paradise, Wool Store Warehouse, Duke Street Block Party as well as headlining Australia’s best clubs – XE54 & Civic Underground. Always a trusted selector, he has warmed dance-floors for the likes of Denis Sulta, DJ Koze, KiNK, ANNA and many more.

Hope we can see him anytime soon around here!

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