Purple Ice makes his debut with theBasement Discos.

Purple Ice, 23 Year old dj and producer from Dublin makes his debut with theBasement Discos, on the last release of 2019.

This talented guy was spotted through his previous work Pineapple Express EP and instantly caught the label’s attention. Now, for the last release of 2019, we’re truly excited to have him on board with Silver Lining EP.

After the huge success of some of his previous tracks like ‘Más Amor Edit’ and ‘Pineapple Express’, we welcome this five-track EP with open arms. Three extremely groovy tracks plus two remixes of “Surrender” which makes this track the main EP’s focus of attention.

On one side, Joe Corti, the London producer and head of the label China White, delivers his own version of “Surrender” by beefing it up, making a more dancefloor oriented track.

On the other side, Whatever Charles, theBasement Discos local resident, delivers his deeper version, with a more chilled down approach.

The result of this EP is going to be an instant house heads pleaser!

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