TheBasement – LATE SUMMER DANCE @ Doherty´s


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Last 1st of September we officially celebrated the end of the summer. LATE SUMMER DANCE took place in a nice vila with a great pool owned by Vic Doherty. 60 people, 200 burgers, 2 phat speakers, 2 decks and a mixer, friends, some jager around and plenty of summer drink, good music and the best possible vibes in a great atmosphere.

We enjoyed the music from Swag Nites, A.A.P.A.E.S. and Electrronicall. Dario Mendez and Pinup couldn´t make it to the place but we still want their music.

Here you have some pictures, and the highlights video by Hector Nillo to see how it went. (Even if it does not look like, it was a top notch party)

This is what is all about. Having fun with people who want to have fun. See you at the next live act!

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