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Last 31st of December we wanted to celebrate the New Year´s Eve as we deserved. It had been a year full of joy for TheBasement but also plenty of work. We were offered to celebrate a showcase at an amazing venue in Valencia (La Rambleta). A place we were really keen on. La Rambleta is a privileged space in the outskirts of the city which has hosted some parties before with great results.

For such an important date, we set probably the best sound system we´ve had till now. Fat speakers and a powerful bass display. The party had three stages. TheBasement in the third floor of the building and two other stages in the ground floor and six floors. We got there looking forward to offer the freshest House sounds, plenty of energies because we heard the tickets were sold out. Electrronicall Project started warming up the stage, later on… Swag Nites took control for a couple of hours, and then, the Electrronicall guys took the stage again. The audience looked happy with the music and the vibes. We were having great feedbacks on music, and couldn´t stop looking at their dancing bodies, but something went wrong at 5.30 a.m. It´s true that we had time enough to enjoy good music but we can´t get enough of TheBasement sounds.

The Basement NYE

Someone decided it was time for us to unplug the music. A little bit before the scheduled timing . Apparently, the organizers didn´t take care about some issues. Not enough waiters, not enough alcohol (gin run off at 4.00am), not enough ice… A list of certain things that affected the feelings about a party that we put so much effort on it.

From TheBasement we´d like to apologize for all those issues which turned into downsides. NYE should be a smooth night. We just had the music under control, otherwise, we would not have read all these Facebook posts we´ve read around. By the way, sorry about the photos. No Basement photographer wanted to carry around their expensive camera in such a crazy night, so we had to steal some pictures from the La Rambleta NYE´s fan page..

Happy New Year House-heads. See you next time!

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