theBasement presents Voramar Festival – San Juan Edition

Cast your mind back to Fallas in March, where streets were swarmed with people riddled with festive cheer, and a party-filled atmosphere which felt it wasn’t going to disappear. Now think of that, but on the beach. It is completely packed, from Pans & Company and further all the way down to Marina Beach Club, with people, bonfires and music all night long.

The city of Valencia is like that crazy beautiful chick you desire to meet while traveling, stunning from all angles with a wild nocturnal side. And after observing the incredible journey this wonderful city has already taken us on, Valencia knows better than anyone how to throw a party on the beach and get us warmed up for theBasement’s presentation of Voramar Festival in Veles et Vents’ Malabar.

The longest night of the year is back, and without a doubt the biggest date in our calendar. San Juan returns and with it our date with destiny  – Voramar Festival – for the fifth consecutive year, and we can’t contain our excitement. This year we have special guests from Berlin, and present in this vanguard of talented DJ’s is Christian ABour dudes from Madrid Deepart, Mr. West and the complete troupe of theBasement Soundsystem.

Expect sea views, dinner service and a sky lit up by fireworks and the surpassing energy that the people of Valencia offer at parties.

Oh. And did we mention only the best selections of House, Disco and Funk we have to date?

So welcome to the magical night of San Juan. San Juan is all about changes. It is about night and day; fire and water. Fire purifies and water recuperates, refreshes, and rejuvenates.

See you there, beautiful people!

Grab your tickets here.

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