TheBasement @ V-Home – 5th Dandyversary




The 22nd of March was a special date for Kaspar & Hauser. They are good friends of ours who have been sharing great music with the world for the last 5 years. Borja and Navas. They dress smart, they behave well, and they bring the groove to this city like nobody else does.

In order to celebrate this important date, it was necessary for The Basement to take place. We took the best ingredients which included a spacious private apartment with great views of the heart of Valencia, atmospheric lighting, the best music streamed live by Streamkore, a big bunch of people and not to forget Kaspar & Hauser along with Swag Nites and Meerkat, who kept the grooves coming.

All in all, this made for a smooth evening (apart from the moment when the police arrived and asked us to keep the volume down OooopS!), but their visit was brief and all went back to normal.


The night didn´t end there though, those who wanted to continue celebrating the 5th anniversary took a 5 minute breather then moved on to Nylon, a popular weekend haunt close to the Ruzafa area of Valencia.

Happy anniversary guys! We look forward to the 10th!


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