theJueves: Your Monthly Fix of House in Oven Club x theBasement

On the 21st of this month, theBasement showcases for the first time its recurring monthly event theJueves in partnership with Oven Club. The prototypical amalgamation of the two front-runners in the Valencian House music movement can only be seen as a step in the right direction for both parties, as they two look towards creating nothing but the most unique experience for their party-goers.

The grand opening will of course encompass house and strictly house, bringing together both Erasmus and regular students looking to celebrate the start of the weekend and enjoy the fruits that theBasement has to offer in conjunction with Oven Club.

As this is our embryonic event with Oven Club, you can expect that we are going to exhibit the raw potential of this event, and being the first of many, we do not want to disappoint. And that we shan’t.

Start early, finish late, and dance yourselves silly in the ballroom with a cold beverage in the prominent establishment that we know is Oven Club. Get yourself on the guest list in this link.

See you there.

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