Top 10 Tracks from Gazzz696 – April 2019

April was yet another exciting and fun-filled month for us, and as we continue to welcome the sun back into our lives after quite a wet and unenjoyable period, expect to be met with a whole plethora of musical affairs, as we not only look to grow our incredible family through beautiful music, but bring you more releases as we look to expose more talented musicians.

Last month, Kaotiko welcomed us in their urban store as we filled their shop with only the best selections of house and disco, Castellón received us with loving arms as we brought the finest music an hour North of Valencia and took our prime selectors and not to mention our quick visit to Barcelona’s very own Discos Paradiso record store promoting our third edition of Dias de Campo this coming month.

Last weekend saw our arrival to Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and with hundreds gathering as the sunset hit the heart of the city, there is no denying that this event was one for the books. Playing a set in Ayuntamiento has always been one of our dreams, and as they say; they did indeed come true, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the reception. As the month continues, we will be hitting you people with more events than ever under the warm Valencian sun as the days get hotter and night temperatures become more pleasurable.

This month, Gazzz696 has irrefutably presented to us his best month so far, meaning that our shortlist this month will also be the the best yet, and what better way to kick our favourite posts off than with our latest release with our new favourite artist Never Dull, who is now receiving the exposure he deserves. Also posted by Housem’s eminent YouTube channel, there lays no doubt in our minds that his avant-guard production techniques will make him quite the household name in music.

Watch out for this dude.

Spanish summary of his release here.

1.  Never Dull – What Is That Sound

2. Letherette – Just for You

3. Hurlee – Whats Your Problem

4. Dan Shake – Freak

5. George Feely – Fat Bluntz

6. Fabio Monesi – Vanishing Love

7. Akufen – My Blue House

8. LAROZE – I Don’t Need U

9. Das Carma – You’re My Life

10. Perdu – Jane’s World

See you very soon at Montanejos!!

theBasement team.

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