Chapter One Edits: the new FREE DOWNLOAD theBasement’s release.

theBasement Discos

It’s that time of the year when we like to pretend that we love each other. Something that we might do, but despite the fact Christmas is a good time to show some love to your siblings, it’s also a good time to make Christmas presents for the crowd you respect.

That’s why here we are to introduce the new “Chapter One Edits” FREE DOWNLOAD EP. The first installment of the FREE DL Series is finally here and features exclusive edits, previously unreleased and much-loved tunes you might remember when the originals were released, and now: available as a free download for the first time in theBasement’s history.

Brimming with the warmth of these cold days and snow-kissed vibes of December, the “Chapter One Edits” album will take you on a journey through the most loving time of the year, brought to you by Disco For The People in collaboration with theBasement.

A 4-track collection that features of exclusive ready-to-dance-to edits with different vibes that go from Brazil to France, or Africa. All of them available as a free download on our Soundcloud!

Also available on our Bandcamp for FREE DOWNLOAD too!

Shout out to the Swiss guys behind Disco For The People for making it happen. Ride Xmas with us!

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